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Water Damage Testimonials

We had a mishap with our washer. Water pouring everywhere. Brand new home. We got the keys the day before. Called SERVPRO, and they were there in thirty minutes. Our floors are ripped up but our home is dry. They did the job quickly and efficiently. Honest and dependable. I would use them again. Thank you Somer, Nathan, Steven and Rebecca. Hope I see you all again. Under different circumstances. You were kind professionals.

Had four great people mitigate my water damage, Chris, Jose, Steve, and Ikaika all were very professional and informative. Had the equipment readily available and did a great job.

They responded immediately when we had a significant leak at one of our commercial properties. They guided us through the whole mitigation process and got the property ready for build back much sooner than anticipated. Working with them provided us with peace of mind. Thank you!

We had a water leak in our master bathroom. SERVPRO techs Eddie & Somer did a good job of drying out the area & removing any mold. They were very good at calling us before they came to our house. They demoed the area and now we wait for the contractors to come in and get us back to new.

One of our Class A commercial buildings had a pipe break outside and it flooded through the brick exterior causing a work delay for our tenants. SERVPRO was on site that same day and cleaned up the damage in a very impressive amount of time, our tenants were able to return to work the next morning! Kelsey W. from the marketing team is an incredible person to work with and she even reached out, researched and built up Building Emergency Binders for all 18 of our facilities at no cost, just in case this were to ever happen again! Couldn't be happier with their service and support! Thank you Kelsey & everyone at SERVPRO!

My back yard sprinkler was broken and a lots of water came to under house. I got panic and call few company. She was nice person I spoken Brooklyn from SERVPRO, she was explain what they will do and what is plan to do in the future. I had many questions and they did explain very well. When Vince from SERVPRO, he also really did nice job and help us. I'm learning English person so I had many question for them but they were so patient, I really appreciate their help.

Dave and an associate came to my house to evaluate a wall that potentially was damp.

They arrived on time. The did an extensive evaluation and confirmed that there was no moisture in the wall. I received written documentation of their evaluation the same day. They were very professional and wonderful to work with.

Our basement suffered water damage after a broken sprinkler pipe leaked water into the basement. SERVPRO quickly responded to our call (within hours), removed affected sheetrock and carpeting, dried everything out and restored our basement to the condition it was before the flood.

The experience with SERVPRO was very positive.

We have had excellent service by Dave and his team at the Kennewick SERVPRO in response to our major water damage. When we returned home from a trip we found a broken water pipe in the top level of our three level home. About half of the top floor and most of the two lower floors were flooded and required replacement. From the fast initial dry out, mitigation of mold and water damage, through getting the quotes and completing repairs of the damaged drywall, insulation, carpets, wood floors and tile, SERVPRO has been very responsive and professional.

SERVPRO is getting us back in our home in the fastest possible time with outstanding repair and replacement quality of the damaged items. It seems as important to SERVPRO to get us back in our home quickly as it is to us. One example was when the first repair contractor we worked with, who has an excellent reputation for quality said we should not expect to get back in our home until February or March of 2013, That schedule was not acceptable to us. SERVPRO stepped in and took on a big portion of the repair work themselves working with another excellent contractor, Kelly Construction, to get the repairs done. They pushed hard and got us moved back in the top floor so we could move in and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at homeSERVPRO has not hesitated to do whatever it takes to keep our lives as comfortable and worry free as possible while all this work goes on. We don't wish this kind of disruption on anyone, but we have been very fortunate to have selected SERVPRO to get the best possible outcome to what would otherwise be a totally bad situation.

Removed and replaced partial wall of sheet rock do to water damage.

We have an electronic dog door in our formal dining room and we have a throw rug in front of it, one day I knelt down to get our cat inside and noticed that the carpet was very wet, I pulled the throw rug back and was shocked at how we the carpet was. I then noticed that the bottom of the wall was wet and moldy and began to panick. I could not figure out how the wall and carpet got wet or how long it had been that way. We discovered that a sprinkler head broke and was spraying water right through the dog door, it had to have been happening for at least a month, with all of the heat and moisture mold began to grow. We called a couple of companies to come take a look and give us estimates to fix it, the first one wanted thousands of dollars so I decided to call SERVPRO, they had someone come out that day to give me an estimate. I have to say I had to negotiate a little for them to come down on the price and I removed the dog door myself and the moldy carpet, they removed and replaced the moldy sheet rock around the dog door, sprayed something to get rid of the mold and repainted the wall. After the work was complete you can't even tell anything happened to the wall. The floor is a different story.

Dwelling property water damage to walls and floor due to a Culligan water softner that burst damaging walls and floors. This was an insurance claim.

The water softerner had apparently been leaking all night into the following day. Once the leak was discovered we called SERVPRO. The response was immediate. Upon arrival they began clean up. They removed damage portions of walls and floor. Were very careful with existing trim. They setup huge drying fans and left them for several days. Once the area was dry they removed the fans. They were very professional, cleaned the areas so that we could begin repairs. I would definitely call them again. The service was excellent.

I have used SERVPRO for over 2 years and am totally satisfied with their services. Dave employees a group of friendly and professional people.

I first met this team when my home's crawl space was flooded. I have a previous report on this service. I have had their team out twice to clean my carpets. They are very careful of my belongings and they do a fantastic job!

We recently had water damage in our kitchen. Dave Smith and his crew promptly came to our rescue. They did a fantastic job of cleaning up our mess. 
Brooklynne Emblem did a great job of coordinating the work and communicating with us. 
Matayo Hunter did a great job cleaning up and drying out the damage. He checked in with us every morning to survey the progress. 
We highly recommend this company!

The crew is quick to arrive and great guys! Available 24/7.

Very impressed with the technician's professionalism. 

Adam was great - sincerely appreciated his help and depth of knowledge!

Fast, sympathetic and efficient response to a crises!


Dave Smith & Staff:

Thank you so much for providing what in my mind was expedited service. All venders know what they were to do, went right to work and cleaned up after themselves. Jose is a real craftsman and did excellent vinyl installation. It was a pleasure to have him in my home. Your office staff too, made me feel I was the only one they needed to please. And they did that with quick, complete and well understood responses to my inquiries. Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

Adam and Matt were excellent. Adam fully explained services and the process to me. As well, explained additional services that they had already covered with me when that would be completed. Excellent representing of SERVPRO and their commitment to their clients. I would request Adam and Matt to come back and take care of our home again. 

Always my go to for water or repair!

Thank you for being there at a moments notice whenever things go wrong! Truly appreciate your service!